eLearning by Learning Seaman is the first worldwide lifelong e-learning platform dedicated to seafarers wellbeing, mental health and resilience onboard, which focuses on education and entertainment as a means of promoting their well-being. It’s an all-in-one platform that consists of short and concise courses from a variety of sections such as wellness and development, nutrition and health, sports, travel, art, music and movie stars, biographies, religion, environment, business and finance, classical studies, history, board games, theater etc. The courses are constantly updating and are presented in text, podcasts and video formats.  A very significant advantage is the fact that the instructors are recognized members of the relevant scientific and academic communities in Greece as well as globally!

Reduced stress

Greater productivity

Increased morale

Improved relationships

Course Sections

The license to access the platform is granted per vessel (B2B).

Each seafarer registers with his own credentials to access the courses and upon completion receives a Certificate of Completion. The seafarer’s profile is kept, waiting to be expanded in the next embarkations.

The platform can be accessed anytime and by any device onboard (PC, tablet, mobile phone).

The instructors have very carefully prepared the courses of their expertise aiming to match seafarers’ conditions while onboard.