Wellness by Learning Seaman is the first worldwide platform-application dedicated to seafarers wellbeing, mental health and resilience onboard. It’s a lifeline for those who dedicate their lives to the maritime industry.

It’s an all-in-one platform that consists of a wide range of features such as peer-to-peer chat, mental health awareness, wellness and self-development, meditation, cognitive and ice-breaking games, fitness and yoga, nutrition, music, sleep, so that seafarers can develop a culture of well-being at sea.

Τhe aim is to offer seafarers their own tools which will help them develop emotional resilience and manage stress, especially that brought on by the unique working conditions, such as social isolation and blurry boundaries between living and working in order to complete their tasks on board more efficiently.

Wellness by Learning Seaman aims to provide a safe and confidential space where seafarers can access resources, guidance, and support to address their mental health needs. Its educational aspect contributes to personal growth and self-esteem and fosters a greater sense of purpose, satisfaction, and life fulfillment.

When we feel good, our minds expand!

Positive psychology leads to compassion, courage, gratitude and resilience.

Types of Wellness






The content of Wellness by Learning Seaman is constantly updating and is presented in audio and video formats. A very significant advantage is the fact that our team consists of more than 15 recognized members of the international scientific and academic communities from more than 10 countries, who select and prepare the most interesting topics in a simple and engaging way, in order to make the platform appealing to all seafaring ranks.

Our vision is to make a profound difference in the lives of seafarers by improving their mental health and resilience and incentivise them to spend their free time onboard creatively!

We believe that together we can make a profound difference in the lives of many seafarers, improving mental health outcomes and fostering a more compassionate world which we all deserve!

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